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Scarface Cruise Books Available


A very limited number of Scarface Cruise Books, one titled Phu Bai HML 367 1969 and one titled  Marble Mountain HML 367 1970  are available thru the Scarface website.  These books are the original black hardbound books printed in Japan by Mark Byrd acting under the direction of our COs Warren G. Cretney and Harry Sexton.  The ones which are available were returned as undeliverable when they were originally mailed in 1970 or they were extra ones never purchased. About 10 of each book  are available.  We are making these available first to those who ordered one but never received it.  After that, if any are left over, well sell them to other qualified members of HML 367. If this is you, please read on. 


Never Received Your Book 

If you purchased a cruise book during 1969 or prior to Sept 10, 1970  but never received it, you may receive it now by sending in your name, address,  with $2.50 for shipping and handling costs.  Claims for these books will be handled in the order received, so you should act without delay.


Want to Order One Now

After a reasonable period of time we will release any remaining books not claimed by original purchasers to other members of the squadron from 1969 and 1970 who have not yet purchased one.  The cost for each book is $19.00 which includes shipping charges. 


Who Profits

Proceeds of the purchase will go to support the Scarface Web Site and other HML 367 Association activities in preparation for the San Diego reunion.


Waiting List.  All claims for cruise books and requests for purchase of them will be handled on a first come, first serve basis, so if you wish to purchase one you should get on the waiting list now. The books are being offered at this time only to members of the Squadron who where in the squadron during the periods covered by each book.


How to Order

If you wish to order one, please email Mark A. Byrd at or send regular mail and provide the following information which will be used to verify your eligibility:



E-Mail Address:


Shipping Address:

Dates of service with HML 367 (In and Out)

Rank while in HML 367:

Duty assignment in HML 367:

Book Ordered:

            Phu Bai 1969

            Marble Mountain - 1970


When we confirm that you are eligible to receive a book, we will notify you and you may send your payment to:


Mark Austin Byrd

Cruise Book Officer

13309 Peyton Drive

Dallas, TX  75240  



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