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"Photographs and Memories"

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1st Lt John Upthegrove with his ducks.  John built this duck pond in front of our hootch at Phu Bai in late 1969.  With the rain we had that monsoon season the ducks hardly needed a pond when Phu Bai had the most rain recorded in one minute, in one hour, in one day, and in one month on the planet Earth.  Copyright 1999, Mark Austin Byrd

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BRUNCH Scarface enlisted personnel cleaning up the ready room after General McCutchin's visit to HML 367 in early 1970 at Marble Mountain.  The SDO noted in his log "the food was sufficient in quantity and quality". 
Cpl. B.V. Sydow, Cpl. W. P. Jones, Sgt. R. D. Hargrave
Rear: Cpl, D.C. Mathias.  Copyright 1999, Mark Austin Byrd


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BEAR HUNT HML-367 in Korea for CAX Bear Hunt 1985. Photo: Ben

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FORTRESS LIGHTNING These were taken aboard USS Denver (LPD-9) in September 1977. We were off Mindoro in the Philippines for an exercise called "Fortress Lightning."

Photos: Tom



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